Welcome to Tyne Gateway Trust

Tyne Gateway is an award-winning north east charity that is committed to using local people to deliver enterprising community-led solutions to family and child poverty

Having originally been established in 2009 as a Child Poverty Unit pilot, Tyne Gateway is now an established and evidence-based charity based in the North-East of England. We work within our target disadvantaged communities to build capacity and confidence amongst families who may not have previously engaged with professionals and who may have complex lives. Our trained staff, all of whom have been recruited because they themselves have experience of similar issues to those our families face, do whatever is needed on a practical level to work with the whole family and to move them towards sustainable and positive outcomes. Everything we do is with the ultimate aim of reducing the attainment gap for children and enabling them to go on to lead fulfilling lives.
We hope this site will help you understand more about our organisation, please feel free to contact us for further information


Working in disadvantaged communities we will:

Identify and support local people to take the lead in developing solutions which lead them and others in their communities to live better lives

Do everything we can to improve life chances for children living in poverty or disadvantage

Be agile and responsive to opportunities and changing needs through new service innovation and through initiating, incubating and delivering proven and sustainable community solutions and enterprises to build capacity

Build productive and mutually advantageous partnerships with like-minded organisations


Our latest news


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